The MBiotech Program provides an intensive series of courses that provide a solid foundation in the biotechnological space, delivered in two parallel streams. These courses encompass both the scientific and business realms, with overlapping content designed to reinforce key sector-specific knowledge sets and to provide students with a broad interlocking mosaic of concepts.

The core courses for both fields cover related content including business courses, the internship requirements and the Biopartnering seminar series. The remaining content is presented in different courses for each stream to reflect different emphases, as follows—

  • The Biopharmaceuticals (BioPh) stream teaches stages of drug development, drug and medical device regulation (with a drug emphasis), clinical trial design and drug action through the molecular biology laboratory and courses in biotechnology in medicine and biomaterials and protein chemistry theory.
  • The Digital Health Technologies (DHT) stream covers similar content by looking at regulation (with a medical device/software emphasis), drug development to provide a framework to understand major steps in medical device/software development, clinical trial design to provide the context for data output that will be analyzed (emphasis on data analysis), and drug action basics (not as technically detailed as the BioPh stream), through courses in Digital Health Technology, Data Science in Health I, Data Science in Health, Part II and Digital Ethnography in Health.

The technical training between the fields is different with BioPh students learning laboratory technique in two courses (Molecular Biology Laboratory and Biomaterials & Protein Chemistry Laboratory) while DHT students learn programming and advanced statistics (Special Topics in Biomedical Communications; Data Science in Health I and Data Science in Health, Part II).