What is MBiotech Classic? Our Program has evolved over the course of more than two decades, launching its cohorts of uniquely trained professional graduates, year after year, into the dynamic and fast-paced community that is today’s biotech­nology and biopharma­ceutical industries.

MBiotech Classic
Watch for the ‘Classic’ wordmark to learn snippets from the Program’s inception.

Originally conceived by visionary Professors Paul Horgen and Ulli Krull, the Program has seen both sweeping change, as well as a periods of careful and meticulous incremental progression, guided by recommendations and input from across our stakeholders. These include students, alumni, Faculty, staff and industry sponsors.

Coat of Arms
Prof. Ulli Krull, circa 1990s.
Prof. Paul Horgen (left), circa 1980s-1990s.

However, some core philosophies from MBiotech’s foundational proposal, dating back to 1999, survive to this day, in recognition of the principles that our academic predecessors envisioned—correctly—would be fundamental to the notional realm ‘where science meets business.’ These important elements of our collective past are celebrated throughout these pages with special shout-outs that call to mind these principles, and serve as a testament to our proud heritage as a graduate academic Program within Canada’s eldest and most prestigious university.

Read more about MBiotech’s founding courses, just as they were first conceived, in this fascinating excerpt from the original 1999 proposal; or simply click on the ‘Classic’ wordmark for a copy. | Next