MBiotech’s Digital Health Technol­ogies (DHT) stream—signified by the Black Pawn (♟︎)—is a two-year, full-time program comprised of required course­work and an intern­ship place­ment in industry. No prior coding or statistical know­ledge is assumed or required. Students complete 12 months of full-time study, after which they begin 8-12 months of mand­atory, paid industry intern­ships. { or jump to the BioPh stream​​​ ♙ }

DHT prepares graduates for the emerging digital revolution in health­care. This stream of the Program builds upon the trend of combining training in biology, in a health and chronic disease context, with advanced stat­istical analysis.

The digital health field itself is diverse and includes biophysics, mobile medical apps, health inform­ation technol­ogy, general well­ness, electronic medical records, software and cyber­security, health inform­ation technol­ogy and wearable technol­ogy, to list a few. DHT is an area that invites a spectrum of expertise that goes beyond engineering and design.


Our program focuses specifically on three main pillars of the DHT field:

1 Health & Regulatory: Privacy, data govern­ance, policies re: classific­ation of medical products;
2 Data Science: Combines advanced statistical training with domain know­ledge about health­care and disease; and
3 Business: Introduction to basic business concepts to under­stand profit drivers in this sector.

Learning Outcomes

  • Problem-solving using advanced machine learning models for prediction;
  • Programming;
  • Data visualisation;
  • Use of proprietary social media analytic tools to look at health product influencers;
  • Regulatory implications of data in a health context;
  • Interplay of digital health product design and medical regulation;
  • Products, companies key to digital health;
  • Chronic diseases, aging at home and health and wellness issues;
  • Business context of digital health technol­ogies and reimburse­ment.

Program Details

Program Start Annually each May (no other entry point is offered).
Duration Two years, full-time (no part time option is offered).
Work Terms Eight months are required to graduate; up to 12 months may be completed.
Work Terms Begin May of Year 2 (following completion of 12 months of coursework).
Application Period September to January annually; rolling admission is not offered; all applications are reviewed after the application deadline.
Admission Interviews Required for short-listed candidates; admission offers commence upon the completion of interviews.

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