MBiotech’s Biopharma­ceuticals stream (BioPh)—signified in our chess-piece metaphor by the White Pawn (♙), because it began first—is a two-year, full-time program comprising required course­work and an intern­ship place­ment in industry. Students complete eight months of full-time study, after which they begin 8-12 months of mand­atory, paid industry intern­ships (the Work Terms). { or jump to the DHT stream ♟︎ }

The BioPh stream teaches stages of drug develop­ment, drug and medical device regulation (with a drug emphasis), clinical trial design and drug action through the molecular biology labor­atory and courses in biotech­nology in medicine and bio­materials and protein chemistry theory.

The carefully selected combin­ation of courses, coupled with relevant industry experience and a strong focus on team­work, provides our graduates with a truly inter­disciplinary educa­tional experience at a world-renowned university.

Have biologic drugs broken the social contract implicit in the patent system?
Talking Point Facsimiles—or biosimilars—of complex biologic drugs, such as the replacement hormones, insulin and erythropoetin, as well as game-changing monoclonal antibodies like adalimumab and trastuzumab have been slow to ease the affordability crisis in modern medicine. Read more.

Our industry partners are world leaders, including AMGEN, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Sanofi Pasteur and many others. In addition to the paid intern­ship, our students have the oppor­tunity to work on a broad scope of team-based projects as part of their core courses, many of these in partner­ship with industry and leading teaching hospitals. Learn more about our student projects here.

Program graduates benefit from a wide range of oppor­tunities upon grad­uation. Browse through our alumni profiles to explore the diverse areas and path­ways students can pursue with an MBiotech degree. Our most recent employ­ment survey showed that 100% of grad­uates found related work in industry within six months of grad­uation, and 85% of our students secured full-time positions prior to graduating.

Program Details

Program Start Annually each May (no other entry point is offered).
Duration Two years, full-time (no part time option is offered).
Work Terms Eight months are required to graduate; up to 12 months may be completed.
Work Terms Begin January of Year 1 (following completion of eight months’ coursework).
Admission Period September to January annually; rolling admission is not offered; all applications are reviewed after the application deadline.
Interviews Required for short-listed candidates; admission offers commence. upon the completion of interviews

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