Lead as you mean to advance

Ever since its incep­tion, the MBiotech Program has been a profession­al graduate program that em­pha­sises the power and import­ance in our industry of team­work. All students entering the Program quickly learn in Effective Management Practices that their future success, both in our carefully tailored courses, and later during their Work Terms and in their careers rely heavily on their ability to work effectively in teams.

Our sponsors, too, recognise and encourage teamwork as a fundamental driver of success as they advance new products into the healthcare market. One reason our graduates enjoy such a warm welcome into the industry is their pre­requisite understanding of the critical nature of teams in the workplace.

At home, on the campus, our administrative staff are also used to functioning as a tight-knit collective to assist our students in the myriad of different challenges they encounter as they progress towards graduation.

Why not, then, extend this concept of strength in interdependence to the Program’s leadership? A singular vision can be potent, but we contend that it is even more compelling when crafted by like minds.

That is what we are doing right now, at the beginning of a new Academic Year:—recognising that leading can also be a collective enterprise, one where the leadership team embrace a shared vision of what MBiotech is today, and what it can grow to become tomorrow.

As the three Faculty Leads of the Program, we share such a vision, one that is bold, communicative, and nurtures academic excellence and innovative teaching to guide our students to become the very best in the business.

We are MBiotech. Where science meets business.

Duncan Jones, Jayson Parker & Leigh Revers | July 2022.
Declaration of Independence by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris.
Writing the Declaration of Independence (1776) by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris.
Duncan Jones
MBiotech Faculty Lead, Biopharmaceuticals Stream.
Jayson Parker
MBiotech Faculty Lead, Digital Health Technologies Stream.
Leigh Revers
MBiotech Faculty.