Stephen Selznick

Each year, MBiotech hosts a public seminar series entitled Biopartnering which draws expert speakers from across the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and related industries to present on their chosen topics. The series also includes project presentations from Year 1 student teams who are each year tasked with addressing current, challenging issues facing our industry.

Fall Season 2022

Individual access passcodes for the Fall Season 2022 recordings, where available, are listed in the superscripts below.
Guest Speakers Student Presentations
Seminar 1 Nicole Mittman 9Qf561+mYh Student Session 1 Mitigation of Tocilizumab 9yNT*sDn^G
Seminar 2 Ronald Zahoruk n#0c78FUmY Student Session 2 Bluebird Bio axd=dD#H3z
Seminar 3 Gavin Zealey Slides only Student Session 3 Biogen Whistleblower PKZd@3bPl7
Seminar 4 Sandra Salama-Anderson Recording unreleased Student Session 4 Entyvio Coming soon
Seminar 5 Amani Akhtar Recording unreleased Student Session 5 Real World Evidence for HER2 Coming soon
Seminar 6 Rima Al-Awar Recording unreleased Student Session 6 Ozempic vs. PMPRB Coming soon
Seminar 7 Blue Neustifter 2R%Z&!xLs. Student Session 7 Biogen’s Lecanemab Coming soon

Fall Season 2021

Links to recordings will be posted shortly; please check back again.
Guest Speakers Student Presentations
Seminar 1 Mark Tatangelo Student Session 1 Biogen’s Aducanumab
Seminar 2 Anton Neschadim Student Session 2 Roche’s Kadcyla
Seminar 3 Andrew Brereton & Joshua Sacher Student Session 3 Astellas’ ASPIRO trial
Seminar 4 Nazia Syed Recording unreleased Student Session 4 Abbvie’s Elezanumab
Seminar 5 Eva McLellan Recording unreleased Student Session 5 Bayer’s 2 Parkinson’s Disease trials
Seminar 6 Chris Dokomajilar Student Session 6 Intellia/Regeneron’s Pricing of CRISPR Therapy
Student Session 7 Medigene AG: Positioning for Acquisition

Fall Season 2020

The universal access passcode for the Fall Season 2020 is: BTC1600/1610 BIO
Guest Speakers Student Presentations
Seminar 1 Deloitte Student Session 1 Zolgensma
Seminar 2 Darren Sissions Student Session 2 Yescarta
Seminar 3 Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe Student Session 3 Enbrel’ and ‘Opdivo
Seminar 4 Blue Neustifter Student Session 4 COVID-19 Human Challenge Trials’ and ‘Dex
Seminar 5 Raza Zaheer Student Session 5 Orencia’ and ‘Aducanumab
Seminar 6 Dr. Nicole Mitmann Student Session 6 Cosentyx
Seminar 7 Asger Jacobsen Student Session 7 Entyvio

Fall Season 2019

Please note that the links below connect with an external streaming provider. In all cases, the Access Code is 1234.
Guest Speakers Student Presentations
Seminar 1 Rob Iaboni Student Team 1 ‘Cimzia Sales’
Seminar 2 Paul Chipperton Student Team 2 ‘Lucentis Pricing’
Seminar 3 Currently unavailable Student Team 3 ‘Lantus Biosimilar’
Seminar 4 Charles Boulakia Student Team 4 ‘Remicade Reputation’
Seminar 5 Ted Paranjothy Student Team 5 ‘Avastin Counterfeit’
Seminar 6 Stephen Selznick Student Team 6 ‘Bavencio RWE’
Seminar 7 Jeff Graham Student Team 7 ‘Kymirah Companion’
Seminar 8 Jean Gariépy